Influential Social Media Marketing Campaigns

 GE’s Balance the Equation Campaign

Back in February of this year, GE announced they would work to fill 20,000 new STEM roles with female hires by the year 2020. If successful, GE would be the largest tech company in America to claim a 50:50 ratio of male-to-female employees working in technical entry-level positions.

It’s a bold, ambitious goal. But it won’t be easy. According to research out by the annual Women in Tech report, women hold at most 25% of all computing jobs. And GE’s own research paints an even harsher picture, with IT and engineering programs worldwide comprised of just 13%-24% women. To ensure they meet their objective, GE is pulling out all the stops with their marketing efforts. And one of their most creative campaigns to date is their Balance the Equation campaign, featuring National Medal of Science in Engineering winner, Millie Dresselhaus.

GE portrays Millie Dresselhaus as a superstar, with her face plastered on magazines and billboards. Millennials run up to her to take selfies. She’s got a line of dolls and even an emoji face. Nice!
I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather watch a reality TV show about Millie Dresselhaus than another season of the Kardashians. I think GE may be on to something…

While there is no data quite yet on how many women GE has hired, the campaign should still be considered a success. Between GE’s #BalanceTheEquation hashtag and its website, the company has secured thousands of retweets and comments, all while making inroads with younger girls who could one day become the STEM experts of tomorrow.

 Chiquita Banana’s Solar Eclipse

Timing is everything when it comes to influential marketing campaigns. I mean…when the power went out in the Superdome during Superbowl XLVII, and Oreo brought down the house with its single well-timed dunk-in-the-dark tweet? I cry every time I see it. It was my screen saver for, like, years.
This year, it was Chiquita that took advantage of the dark, only this time it was due to the much anticipated solar eclipse which made its way across the U.S. on August 21st of this year.